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Pool of professional trainers and writers of the values transformation training (VTT) convened recently for the second time on August 18, 2019 at Bangsamoro Development Center in Cotabato City to work together for the review and enhancement of the module in support to the call for moral governance in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM).

According to Hashim Manticayan, deputy executive director of the Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA) and one of the strong advocates of value-based leadership and management, this initiative is a major response and commitment of the agency to help in the promotion of change with newly established Bangsamoro government.

To note, BDA as major bearer of the VTT has been instructed and expected to facilitate values training for the leaders and employees of the BARMM; thus a need to enhance the module in order to fit to the profiles, level of education and understanding of the targeted participants.

“The BDA has been carrying VTT as foundation for any other programs or projects; however the module we have is designed for community-based approach so this time, we need to upgrade it given the higher level of target participants and objectives”, Manticayan stated.

Values Transformation Training or VTT was conceptualized during the early days of BDA in 2003 in line with the agreed principle of the agency on self-change first before overall development.

It is organized before other major activities or training in a program or project can proceed to ensure that necessary values of a development catalyst is learned and comprehended by the person involved.

The VTT has become of the major programs of the BDA and is integrated as key components of all other projects. The objective is to develop a pool of catalyst with enhanced knowledge, appreciation and practice of Universals values that will help them in serving the most marginalized and indigent communities in Mindanao.


Development catalysts of the Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA) from the eleven provinces of Central Mindanao Region convened on January 5-6, 2019 for the first quarterly meeting for this year at the Bangsamoro Development Center in Cotabato City.

Highlights of the event included presentation of accomplishments of each province for the last quarter based on the major program thrusts of the BDA.

The role and becoming of BDA as development arm of the MILF was discussed by Dr. Abdus Sameh R.L. Piang, vice chairman of the agency’s board of directors.

Dr. Piang also talked about the present changes and situation related to the campaign on the ratification of the Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL), the schedules of plebiscite for said law, and the responsibility of each other to work together to be able to contribute to the establishment of the Bangsamoro Government.

Hashim Manticayan, head of BDA human resource division further shared updates on the BOL campaign in Cotabato City and the current advocacy activities of the MILF in the island provinces.

Quarterly meeting has been the tradition of the BDA Central Mindanao to gather all development catalysts who are organized at the community level as local counterpart and coordinating body during field works.

They are volunteers who are mobilized to co-facilitate community-based activities and trainings and in coordinating with local partners and stakeholders to ensure proper completion of any project or program.

Volunteerism has been the primary capital of the BDA in managing and enriching its human resources that is contributory to the success and sustainability of the agency operating for sixteen years already for rehabilitation and development of the conflict-affected areas in Mindanao with the principle of learning by doing in building the capacity of the Bangsamoro.

Members of the camp project support team (CPST), field workers employed under the Mindanao Trust Fund-Reconstruction and Development Project Phase II (MTFRDP/2) learned digital data sharing through the 2-day activity on April 1-2, 2019 at BDA Training Center in Cotabato City.

The Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) Division of the Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA) organized and facilitated this activity, which objective was to introduce the tool and orient the CPST of the proper usage of which.

According to Engr. Rahima Hassan, monitoring and evaluation officer, the tool is a mobile application fitted in todays’ generation of android phones.  The features of the app is very usable for data gathering and updating, which is an essential part of project monitoring, management and implementation.

“Our CPST members will use this app in sending us data to ensure regular updating of our database thus will help in producing efficient reports on weekly basis”, Hassan told.  

Members of the camp project support team (CPST) of the Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA) responsible for implementation of the MTFRDP/2 recently convened on June 29-30, 2019 at Pagana Resto Cotabato City for the Internal Reflection and Writeshop that aimed to collect and consolidate narratives, data and information from the team for the development of the quarter and completion report of the project.

Signed in April 2018 between BDA and CFSI, MTFRDP/2 is expected to end in August 2019.

“We did this activity as part of our preparation for the writing of the project completion report”, Rhadzni Taalim, BDA program coordinator said.

He said that the participation of the CPST is very relevant in the completion of the report because they were directly involved in the implementation of the project.

“They were those who worked at the community level, meeting the stakeholders from different sectors and facilitated activities in line with project execution, so they can better tell how it went and performed,” Taalim stated.

Part of the activity was essay writing for the internal reflection, identification of best stories, best photos and among others.

“Through this workshop and sharing, we were able to determine success stories that would be essential part of the whole project report. It is our objective to really give justice to all the efforts of our CPST in delivering all the activities intended for the project”, Taalim told.

The Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) Team of BDA also presented and discussed to the participants the data and information needed to be updated and complied for the completion report.

Key staff of BDA for the MTFRDP/2 also joined the activity like Julhaina Cadon, finance head; Engr. Rahib Labay, PME head; Rhadzni Taalim, project coordinator; rural infrastructure engineers (RIE-II) who were Engr. Amil Kali, Engr. Mohammad Saud Alon, and Engr. Cosain Batuampar; learning and development staff Swaib Mohammad and Mohammad Alon; and personnel from admin division.

MTFRDP/2 aims to improve access of targeted communities in the conflict-affected areas in Mindanao to basic socio-economic infrastructure and alternative learning system.

This intervention is comprised of engaging the communities through a community-driven development and alternative learning system with an end in view of making those productive, participative and peaceful communities. Moreover, this is in line with the Normalization Aspect of the CAB.

MTFRDP/2 is supported by the Mindanao Trust Fund (MTF) with various donors such as the European Union, the government of Sweden, Australia, Canada, United States, New Zealand and the World Bank, which also serves as Trust Fund Administrator and Secretariat.

The Spanish Cooperation Agency for International Development (AECID) is also supporting the project.

In an effort to support the project implementation in the ground, the Bangsamoro Development Agency in close collaboration with the Community and Family Services International conudcted a joint reflection session on June 27-28 at the CFSI’s Center for Excellence and Humanitarian Service in Cotabato City.

This reflection workshop is intended towards assessing the activities undertaken in the ground through the Camps Project Support Team and the Joint Task Force for Camps Transformation as relayed by CFSI Project Coordinator Engr. Nasser Sinarimbo who gave the overview of the activity.

Sinarimbo also said that together “we will move as one” being partners in this intervention.

The Mindanao Trust Fund – Reconstruction and Development Project II (MTF-RDP/2) is an initiative jointly undertaken by BDA and the CFSI with an end in view of contributing to the gains of the peace process and improving access of communities to basic socio-economic services and Alternative Learning System which began early April this year until April 2019.

In his inspirational talk delivered during the session, BDA Executive Director Mohammad S. Yacob urged everyone to be courageous enough to recognize and admit mistakes straightly rather than pinpoint blame to others, in case there is anything.

“We hope that those who may commit mistakes (i.e did not follow instruction as agreed in the guidelines) would admit and tell it straight”, Yacob said.

He also reminded the team particularly those working in the ground to be guided by the standard procedures and stick to it.

“Normally, we are not wrong in doing things; it’s not following the instructions that let’s slip from the correct process” whereby he stressed on understanding and internalizing the project objectives to stay focus.

Through the BDA Operations Head and Project Coordinator Rhadzni Taalim, the approved sites for the six major camps namely Badr, Omar, Rajamuda, Abubakar, Bilal and Bushra had been presented and concurred by the team.

Further, the team were also guided by the discussion on the terms of reference of each staff as well as the deliverables to be met along the way.

Pool of presenters included also M & E Head and Planning Officer Engr. Rahib Labay for the step 2 output and project deliverables and Work Plan Preparation for Step 3; Community Development Officer/Manager Abdulrasheed Ambil for the SPP dossier, Capacity Development Specialist Ms. Basila Siago for the TORs and wrap up notes, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer Ms Emaleeh Pequit on revisiting the processes involved in the step 2 activities among others.

Engr. Jandatu Salik presented an item by which to easily cope with the pressing demands of work in the ground.

Meanwhile, Engr.. Sinarimbo also shared notes on how to improve the partnership and make things flow smoothly for both partners to achieve desired goal.

BDA key officers namely Abdulmaguid Salidatan, Administrative Division Head, Julhaina Cadon, Finance Head together with the CPST among the six camps operated by the MTF-RDP/2 and other CMO staff attended the event.

CFSI on the other hand was also represented by men and women who are doing much effort in order to realize the project objective.

In the first general staff meeting of the Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA) for the year 2019, executive director Mohammad S. Yacob urged staff and volunteers to exert utmost effort in delivering services for the Bangsamoro communities.

Dir. Yacob also told of the value of patience, excellence, patience and good attitude to better perform the tasks expected for each one of the BDA family.

He added that the coming days are still uncertain for BDA as development arm of the MILF and so everyone should have those values at work to move forward and surpass whatever challenges ahead.

BDA was established in 2002 primarily mandated for rehabilitation and development in the conflict-affected areas in Mindanao with the principle of learning by doing in building the capacity of the Bangsamoro.

During the said meeting on January 4, 2018 at Bangsamoro Development Center in Cotabato City, each division head of the agency presented major accomplishments for year 2018.

Engr. Rahib Labay together with Rahima Hassan reported for Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) Division, Rhadzni Taalim presented accomplishments of all BDA projects and programs; Hashim Manticayan for the human resource and development; Abdulmaguid Salidatan for the administrative management and Julhaina Cadon for the finance division.

Accordingly, all reports are subject for consolidation to come up with the BDA Annual Report 2018.

“We are consolidating our 2018 accomplishments to document what we have done, to determine good practices, lessons learned and challenges and be our reference as we go on with our assigned tasked as development arm of the MILF”, Dir. Yacob stated.

Friday, 10 May 2019 08:26

BDA Ramadhan Forum kicks off

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May 10, 2019. Officials, staff, volunteers and catalysts of the Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA) are once again convened today for the beginning of the series of Ramadhan Forum, a special activity organized during this holy month.

Topic for the day was The Economic and Finance System in Islam: Its Prospect in the BARMM delivered by Sheikh Esmail W. Ebrahim.

According to Hashim Manticayan, activity like this provide opportunity for everyone to increase their knowledge in Islam, meet and greet one another, strengthen brotherhood and sisterhood while seeking together the rewards of Allah (s.w.t). 

After the forum, participants all together joined in breaking the fast with meals provided for the activity. 

Ramadhan Forum and free iftar has been a tradition at the BDA to promote camaraderie and faith among everyone at the agency. 

Thursday, 10 October 2019 01:44

BDA PDC Meeting September 2019

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Development catalysts who are community level volunteers of the Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA) convened on September 2019 for the Quarterly Meeting at Isulan, Sultan Kudarat.

Engr. Windel Diangcalan, BDA executive director attended the said gathering and gave updates on the current and future direction of the agency.

Thursday, 10 October 2019 02:31

BDA meeting with MILF Central Committee

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The Board of Directors of the Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA) received guidance and direction from the MILF Central Committee headed by Chairman Hadji Murad Ebrahim gearing towards an inclusive, sustainable and lasting peace and development in the Bangsamoro during the transition period and in the post conflict situation, held at Camp Darapanan on October 6, 2019. It was the first meeting of BDA Board of Directors under the leadership of Ustadz Abusaliha Macacuna.

From the recent 2019 Annual Partners’ Meeting for Mindanao of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) on August  6, 2019 at Pagana Kutawato, Cotabato City, the Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA) learned and inspired by the operational system presented for both organizational and project management.

Hashim Manticayan, BDA deputy executive director told that “my reflection from that meeting is BDA really needs to enhance its operation in all aspects in order for us to keep up with the standard operations including monitoring and financial aspect for project implementation”.

BDA together with other civil society organization (CSOs) who are partners to UNICEF attended the said activity.

“We are invited by UNICEF because BDA is one of their partners in implementing some of their projects. We have been in partnership with them particularly on the enhance version of the Tahderiyyah Program”, Manticayan said.

Accordingly, the UNICEF is now on its 8th Country Programme in the Philippines (2019-2023) and its grateful for the continued partnership in this new programme cycle and the successful implementation of the projects and activities from the previous country programme.

“We learned a lot from said gathering, which we wanted to apply at BDA. I also appreciate the transparency of the UNICEF wherein they presented to us during the meeting the total amount downloaded to all of their partners,” Manticayan stated.

BDA and UNICEF is currently working together for the expansion of Tahderiyyah Program with the IMBPI and with funding support from the EOJ.