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Wednesday, 27 March 2019 01:17

BDA, IMBPI sign PPA for strengthening capacities for delivery of ECE for children in the CAAM

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Another milestone complementing the flourishing hope in the Bangsamoro happened today March 26, 2019 as the Program Partnership Agreement (PPA) was signed between the Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA) and the Ittihadun Madrasah Bil Philippines, Inc. (IMBPI) for the STRENGTHENING CAPACITIES FOR DELIVERY OF EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION FOR CHILDREN LIVING IN THE CAAM. 

The program which will run for 18 months aims to provide early learning program to 40, 000 Bangsamoro children through expansion of Madrasah delivering early learning programme.

It will include strengthening governance and management of Tahderiyyah, improving the quality of Tahderiyyah and strengthening program monitoring and supervision.


For this program, BDA will be the implementing partner with the IMBPI to facilitate the implementation with support from the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and with fund assistance from Embassy of Japan (EOJ).

IMBPI is an organization duly registered to Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) mandated by the Tarbiyyah (MILF Education Committee) to implement educational interventions and accreditation of implementing balanced-education (SMC) and traditional madrasah curriculum.

In a message, BDA referred to education as one of the main priorities of the BARMM.

“We were with you and we will be with you in producing future Bangsamoro leaders equipped with balanced education”, Engr. Windel Diangcalan, BDA executive director stated.

IMBPI president Dr. Ismail Abdullah thanked partners for supporting the mission towards developing future leaders who are professionals and with fear of the Allah s.w.t.

“We hope that our future leaders in the Bangsamoro have those qualities. Tahderiyyah is very important because it is the foundation, the early education that develops our children”, Dr. Abdullah said.

For UNICEF, working together will bring good changes and results for the children education despite the challenges ahead.

“If we want sustainable peace and development in BARMM and Mindanao, we must work together to invest in quality early learning programs like the Tahderiyyah”, Dr. Rosalia Batacalan of UNICEF stated.

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