The Values Transformation Training (VTT) is a three-day activity packed with contents on the teachings of faith-based values towards self-change and personality development.

It has been in the life of the Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA Inc.) significant for organizing, mobilizing its people and sustaining its operation as organization. At present, VTT is adopted as one mechanism relevant in developing the human resources of the Bangsamoro.


The VTT was abstracted during the early days of the BDA when the agency (with the guidance of its principal) believed that in order for progress to happen in Bangsamoro communities, spiritual development must precede.

The concept of VTT was materialized through the Community-based Human Resource Development Program (CBHRDP) supported by the World Bank, wherein the module for the training was developed, and is used up until to present days for promoting the significance of change in one’s self before one can become responsible and productive member of his/ her community.


  • Promote importance of values
  • Encourage self- reflection and assessment for self-change
  • Enlighten the participants on the importance of spirituality in dealing with different persons and situations especially in the context of development and humanitarian works and of public services


  • Values Transformation and Personal Values Clarification
  • Islamic Values and Moral Governance
  • Faith (Iman) and its Articles
  • The Role of Faith (Iman) in Developing Islamic Values
  • Worship in Islam (Ibadat)
  • The Role of Ibadat in Developing Islamic Values
  • Applying Islamic Values in Moral Governance
  • Islamic Values in dealing with non-Muslims in the community/office


The Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) through the Development Academy of the Bangsamoro (DAB), trusted the BDA Inc. with the implementation of VTT in relation to moral governance. The BDA Inc. was recognized as the official facilitator of VTT sessions required for all the employees of the BARMM.

In 2019, BDA Inc. signed MoU with MBHTE-TESD for the integration of VTT to technical skills trainings across BARMM.

VTT for the decommissioned combatants of the MILF is also being implemented in 2021 and in 2024, with the BDA Inc. as official facilitator of the training.