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Building a nation through values training

Building a nation through values training (1)

(February 19, 2021). At Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA Inc.), values transformation training (VTT) is one approach towards peace building.

With VTT, the BDA Inc. was helpful in communicating the message of peace. The VTT as peace building mechanism of the agency contributed in increasing awareness and education on the differences of beliefs, culture and traditions, which is one major cause of great misunderstanding between and among various groups in the region.

“Impressions from participants who are non-Muslims e.g., the indigenous people, are very good. According to them, through VTT, they learned that Islam is peace. They learned that it teaches good values, different from what they previously heard or perceived”, Ahmad Ronnel Alamada, a VTT trainer stated.

“As VTT facilitator, it is very fulfilling for me that despite the hard road and other difficulties, we are helping in communicating the message of peace”, Alamada added.

Participants from Buluan District Hospital (BDH) also speak good of VTT in their life and workplace.

“Our non-Muslim co-employees would voluntarily offer us Muslims, that they are willing to take charge our responsibility (for a while) if it is time to prayer. This is because they knew from VTT, that Muslims have to perform daily prayers five times a day”, Maisarah Lumawan, BDH administrative officer said.

VTT, a three-day training program of BDA Inc. teaches personality development by letting the person know himself to understand strengths and weaknesses, have better directions and clearer identification of one’s self.

One participant shared that this particular session is significant to know herself better, and assess her shortcomings and capacity as individual. “This way, I know what and how to improve to become a better person”, she stated.

Carrying the importance of values in performing one’s tasks, VTT helps in reminding participants the spiritual aspect of life, which is commonly less prioritized by many nowadays.

“We grew up as Muslim, thinking that we know everything about being a Muslim. Through VTT, we realized that we have been doing many mistakes in life. From dressing up, our relationship with our parents, and others. Now I am gradually changing to correct those things”, Satria Tudon- Andang shared, BDH chief nurse who underwent VTT from BDA Inc. in 2020.  

VTT in support to values-based healthcare service

In December 2020, BDA Inc. was honored to facilitate VTT to a health institution in Maguindanao. Buluan District Hospital, operating since 1975 has been catering to the health needs of people from six districts in the province and other nearby municipalities.

“For the past years, it was the first time that we have this kind of training that reminds us of the importance of values-based healthcare service. This VTT is very helpful because as health professionals, we are dealing with life and death. More than the TLC that is being taught to us, we should be mindful that our services to people shall anchor to the spiritual aspect of life. We should work with empathy and a smile to our clients”, BDH Lumawan told.

Values training in support to moral governance

The road to peace building does not end by settling all the conflicts between individuals, groups, families or groups. Neither by the winning of the Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL) nor the establishment of the Bangsamoro Government. The continuing learning to sustain the gains of peace building in the Bangsamoro Region must be carried in order to address the dynamics that keep on challenging the peace efforts in this part of the country.

Through VTT, the BDA Inc. has been helpful in conveying moral governance. With contents on the teachings of Universal values in relation to religion, values training is very significant to the moral governance of BARMM, as it promotes ethical standards of development and public service.

Kadafi Tunggal, BDA focal person on VTT reported that there are over 7, 000 of MBHTE scholars (through TESDA program) in the five provinces of BARMM who underwent values training from BDA Inc in 2020. Employees from regional center of TESDA in Maguindanao also learned VTT.

BDA Inc. started facilitating VTT for BARMM employees in 2019 by the trust and partnership of various ministries/offices like the Bangsamoro Planning and Development Authority (BPDA), Ministry of Interior and Local Government (MILG), Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Agrarian Reform (MAFAR) and Commission on Higher Education (CHED-BARMM).

At present, series of meetings are taking place between BDA Inc., Development Academy of the Philippines (DAB) and the Bangsamoro Leadership Management Institute (BLMI) in relation to VTT as one approach to promote moral governance.

The VTT teaches the importance of values to be practice at all times, from self, family, to school, workplace, others. This teaching on value-based actions and services is very significant to the moral governance of BARMM, as it promotes ethical standards of development and public service.

The change that everyone wanted must start with one’s self. This has been the advocacy of the BDA Inc.- the development agency of the MILF, established in 2002 and registered as non-government organization in 2019.

“VTT has been our strength from the very beginning. It is our weapon as we organize and mobilize our pool of volunteers and development catalysts who are our strong foundation at BDA Inc. from the very beginning of our life as an agency”, Engr. Windel Diangcalan, BDA executive director said.