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Wednesday, 12 July 2023 22:10

QURBAN STORY: Sharing good food, sharing happiness on Eid

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JUNE 30, 2023. / MAGUINDANAO-BARMM. In rural communities in the Bangsamoro Region, sharing of meals among neighbors is a common practice that speaks of the generosity and compassion of communities to each other. This tradition has been observed since the time of our ancestors and has been passed on from generation to generation, up until now.

With the recent celebration of the Eid’l Adha (Feast of Sacrifice), the spirit of sharing has been felt further by hundreds of families in some communities in the Bangsamoro who received free Qurban meat.

Qurban meat are from the sacrificed animals (goat, sheep or cow) that were offered in honor of the divine act of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S.) who was willing to sacrifice his son in obedience and faith to Allah s.w.t.

Every year, this act of worship is performed by Muslims around the world who has the capacity to provide for any of the said animals, which meat are distributed to poor families.

This deed has become relevant to sustain the teaching on the importance of sacrifice and sharing in the name of faith.

The family of Tima Mispil Engkas, 29, a mother of eight in Barangay Kedati, Talayan, Maguindanao Del Sur, is among the beneficiaries of the Qurban Program where they received free meat.

Farming is the source of income of the family to survive the day-to-day life.

Tima was not able to attend school so there is no permanent job for her. She is a full-time housewife taking care of her eight children.

Her husband cultivates corn and rice. While waiting for harvest season, the husband drives a pedicab to earn income.  

In receiving Qurban meat, Tima expressed gratitude being delighted of having something special to serve for the family during this time of the year.

According to her, the family usually celebrates Eid Adha with “tapay”, a traditionally prepared fermented rice common in the province of Maguindanao in BARMM.  This is consumed and shared together after the Eid prayer.

This Eid, Tima prays for forgiveness of their sins and asked Allah for the blessings to the family.

Despite the challenges in life, Tima remains hopeful for a better future for her children.

She hopes for assistance from the Bangsamoro Government and for the development of their community.

Also, from Maguindanao, is a mother named Fatima Uyag of Brgy. Upper Taviran, Kabuntalan.

She has three children whom she looks after since they are still young and small.

The husband is a fisherman and sometimes works as a construction worker.

The family struggle to have enough food on daily basis.

"It is painful to see our children in this state, but we are used to this life condition”, Fatima said.

They can only eat depends on what is earned for a day. There are even times where there is none at all.

However, Fatima is still thankful because her family is happy being together.

The family is also a recipient of free Qurban meat on Eid’l Adha.

Fatima was very happy saying that they only get beef when there is Qurban on the neighborhood or as sponsored by some organizations.

"We are happy and excited every Eid'l Adha because this is the only time, we can eat beef." Fatima stated.

She added that “if not for this free Qurban meat, we could have not spent our Eid with any special food because we cannot afford it”.

She sends thanks to the donors who give Qurban meat.

“May Allah reward you all and increase your wealth so that you can help more poor people like us”, Fatima conveyed.

The distribution of Qurban meat to thousands of families in selected communities in the provinces of Maguindanao (del Sur and Norte) and Lanao del Sur was facilitated by the Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA Inc.), as part of the implementation of Qurban Program 2023 from June 25-30.

This year, the program is sponsored by partners from Turkey like Turkiye Dyanet Vakfi (TDV), Insani Yardim Vakfi (IHH) and Weltweiter Einsatz für Arme (WEFA.

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