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Monday, 22 March 2021 09:27

When there is better water access, life is easier, women become productive, empowered

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SOUTH UPI, MAGUINDANAO / 22 March 2021.  It’s two o’clock in the morning. The weather is cold and it is dark. But, like many of the families in Brgy. Looy in South Upi, Maguindanao. Flora Lamigan, 31 has to get up to join the queue of those who like her, need to fetch water from the deep well located in the hidden and lower part of the village.

In the Philippines, the dry season is approaching, and the whole community is anticipating the same scenario. In the country, summer season starts by March until May.

According to Flora, the deep well is the only source of water available in the village when it is dry season.

“During this period, spring and other sources of water in our barangay run dry. This deep well is the only one left, since it is located in lowland of our mountainous community”, Flora said.

South Upi is known to be a summer capital of Maguindanao province. It is found in the mountains of the province and it gives cool breeze, just enough for the hot weather from City and other lowland communities. Farm lands are rich giving plenty of agricultural products, the main source of income for many in the whole town.


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