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Wednesday, 26 December 2018 06:45

BDA exec commends the MTF-RDP/2 reflection session

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“I can see that we are happy and inspired despite the challenges in our midst”.

This was how the Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA) Executive Director Mohammad S. Yacob described the feelings he observed during the Joint Reflection Session workshop conducted on June 27-28, 2018 at the Community and Family Services International (CFSI’s) Center for Excellence and Humanitarian Service, Cotabato City.

This reflection session is a monthly activity jointly undertaken by BDA and CFSI to evaluate and assess the project implementation for the Mindanao Trust Fund – Reconstruction and Development Project Phase II (MTF-RDP/2) whose ground work began second quarter of this year.

Yacob has commended the MTF-RDP team for their effort and dedication in meeting the project deliverables amidst challenges they encounter along the way.

“The result of what we do in the ground is enough to make us feel inspired” Yacob pointed out. He went on saying that one’s work output is a source of inspiration.

Meanwhile, he also urged everyone to keep an eye on their deliverables and stay focused on the project objectives to guide them in their actions.

Part of the reflection session agreed points is the formulation and presentation of the key actions and work plan for the current month which has been consolidated by the MTF-RDP Monitoring and Evaluation Team led by PME Head Engr. Rahib Labay.

Further, Project Coordinator Rhadzni Taalim shared his appreciation for the activity as it helps him and his team move towards the realization of the project objectives on improving access of target communities to socio-economic infrastructure and providing education for the youth thru the Alternative Learning System. Contributing to the gains of the peace process is also part of the goals, as has been noted in the project documents.

“I am glad that this is made part of our regular activities because it really helps us improve on our work”, Taalim noted. He added that though this mechanism ‘we are able to determine what we have accomplished, what needs to get done while keeping in mind those which have not been done so far due to some reasons’.

BDA and CFSI have been partners for long for this MTF intervention since its inception way back 2006 with World Bank as Trust Fund administrator and secretariat with pool of resources coming from the different donor countries.




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