Mindanao Trust Fund- Reconstruction and Development Program

The Mindanao Trust Fund-Reconstruction and Development Program (MTFRDP) was launched in 2006 following the Joint Needs Assessment (JNA) in 2005. The program was originally conceptualized for capacity building for the BDA, and with the aim to assist economic and social recovery in the conflict-affected and vulnerable areas of Mindanao.


MTF-RDP Phase 2

General Objective:

To contribute to sustaining the Gains of the Bangsamoro Peace Process.

Specific objective:
The Specific Objective of the proposed project is “To support access to basic services and
building institutional capacity in conflict-affected communities of Mindanao”

Direct results or outputs:

  • People in conflict-affected areas have improved access to basic services (water, roads, post-harvest facilities)
  • Revised Joint Needs Assessment delivered10
  • Key stakeholder institutions have increased capacity for local planning,
    participatory development and fiduciary management
  • Increased confidence on the part of communities in the Bangsamoro peace

Main Activities

  1. Community Development Activities
  2. Under this component, community sub-projects are provided to communities in
    the Six Acknowledged Camps of the MILF, including mixed communities comprising Muslims, Christians and Indigenous Peoples. The community sub-projects were socio-economic infrastructure (such as bridges, water systems, access roads, Post-Harvest Facilities). In each camp, 1 socio-economic infrastructure are identified in line with pre-identified needs by the Task Force for Camp Transformation (TFCT) as part of the ongoing planning for the transformation of the 6 acknowledged Camps – complemented by a process of community assessment and sub-project identification. Selection criteria were included, among others, realistic, and responsiveness to the basic needs of the
  3. In addition, this component supported (i) capacity building of the TFCT, (ii)capacity building of BDA, and (iii) capacity building for Peoples Organizations (POs)for Maintenance and Operations of the socio-economic infrastructures.
  4. Finally, this component supported BDA with technical specialists and operational resources to support: (i) community assessment and sub-project identification, (ii)implementation of the socio-economic infrastructure projects, and (iii) training of
  5. Project Administration, Monitoring & Evaluation
    This component financed Management of the Project, support for implementation, oversight and monitoring and evaluation. This included assistance for specialized staff and the procurement of required goods and financing of incremental operating costs for the project activity recipient to execute and monitor the project communication and dissemination of information on the project objectives, strategies, and lessons. In addition, this component financed the audit for the project.


03 May 2020